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iOS App PP Friend (iPad & iPhone)

Started by ik2wxx, April 03, 2012, 05:04:46 PM

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If anyone interested.....

On iTunes App Store you can find "PP Friend", a new iPad/iPhone App for showing aircraft list and map with data from your SBS-1 + Basestation or PlanePlotter.

Give it a try !



Is there a fee for this application?
Here to Help.



This app receives my port 30003 data but only if I'm inside my home network, I can't get it to connect to my home network from outside, i.e at work or on a different network.

Roberto (the developer in Italy) can connect to my home network on his iPad.  Has anyone else had this problem?



I cant connect either to my home network from outside either.

I cant see how unless you VPN in?

It works fine while at home location.




Maybe your provider is filtering traffic on port 30003 (as well as other non standard tcp/ip ports).
Works great for me, with Mike data, also on 3G



I have to say Basestation with AD lite and VRS gives me all I want from the SBS mind you I might just get networked soon ;)


Thanks for the input guys, I have a VRS but seldom use it because of the memory overhead it uses.  Without anything else bu BS and SBS Plotter running I only consume about 1Gb of RAM which is where I like it when running unattended.  I use my iPad at work and it sits next to my PC so when the PP Friend app came out I saw this as good way to keep in touch with my 'virtual radar'.

I can't see that my provider is filtering 30003 as I can connect to my home URL from work and stream port 30003 in a web browser on my work PC but not in Safari on the iPad.  And I can't do this from a variety of other free networks around my town which lends me to think it's an Apple or iPad specific setting.

I just need to find the right one to change.