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February 27, 2024, 01:26:17 PM

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23rd February 2024



Having trouble posting. how do I delete this messge, please?

Started by bumpy_up_here, January 14, 2024, 04:46:48 PM

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Here to Help.


Thanks for the reply, Anmer - I was going to ask for some help regarding modesmixer2 on a RPi3b+ running 64-bit bullseye but every time I tried to post, I got a 403 (I think) Forbidden message - I don't know if it was to do with attaching a screenshot, or copying and pasting text or maybe it's just my user access...anyway, I gave up as I just couldn't post, nor could I get mm2 working - it worked fine on 32 bit and still runs fine on my other site with a 32 bit.

Not to worry, it's not that important, all my other feeds are working fine.

Thanks, Paul.


Thanks for the reply.

Yoy shouldn't get an error for adding a screenshot or pasting text.

Regarding MSM2, I recall you need to install a 32 bit version even on a 64 bit OS.  Have you tried that?
Here to Help.


Thanks Anmer,

I didn't try that as ABCD567a had posted 32 and 64 bit versions of mm2, so, perhaps wrongly, I assumed the 64 bit version would work on a 64 bit version of Bullseye.

I'll leave it there, maybe revisit at a later date as I'm now considering updating to Bookworm, which, another assumption here, I thought was for the Pi5 only, but turns out it's for the other pi's too.

Thanks again for your help and kind regards,