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September 23, 2023, 04:36:41 AM

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FR24 FEEDING? Help please

Started by SteveHibberd, August 15, 2019, 01:22:34 AM

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Hello All
I used to feed my SBS data to FR24, I know that has come to an end.
I have had a look on FR24 website regarding what to do now and I am totally confused as to what it it that I actually need to have/buy in order to start feeding again, but more importantly to me, is there a relatively technophobe way, if you get my gist.
Any help here would be most appreciated.
Kind Regards


Hi Steve

Basically you need a suitable SDR (receiver to use instead of your SBS) and a Raspberry Pi (RPi) running decoding and feeding software.  The SDR can be used with your existing antenna, maybe with an adapter.  Depends on the antenna connection.  The RPi would need to connect to your local network, either using an RJ45 Ethernet cable or WiFi.

If you only want to share data with FR24, you can download and install its SD card image (a combined operating system and decoding/feeding software).  You download the SD card image and burn (easily) to a suitable SD card for the RPi.  The following link explains all:


That's the end of the "technophobe" contribution.

You may, in time, consider sharing your data with other flight tracking services such as FlightAware and Planefinder.  I haven't set this up myself but there are forum threads explaining how to go about this.

Or if you're feeling really confident, there are other threads explaining how to run ModeSMixer and feed the RPi data to BaseStation.  Unfortunately I haven't had the time to explore this option and can't offer more precise advice.

But there are members here who have and can help.
Here to Help.


That's a good effort to start me off though, many thanks as always.