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September 23, 2023, 06:37:03 AM

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DIY feeder Sharers to FR24 beware - MLAT request change

Started by Oblivian, May 26, 2022, 05:05:44 AM

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If by means of not a valid email registered anymore, or moving email acct since feeding - you may have not seen the email that went out in the last 24hrs (or frequent their forums)

They have mailbombed all users advising they want anyone that does NOT have a fr24 supplied/managed feeder.
Does NOT feed FR24 and FR24 alone (likely meaning those using the Pi24 image only and have not modified it)

To deprive them of your MLAT data please and thankyou.

That is, turn MLAT option feed to them OFF.

Seems they no longer want any MLAT data that could potentially be generated from outside their supplied decoder/uploader in a single swoop

We don't know why - All quiet on the 'why' or details front

Nor if it will go down the track of kicking your feed off to get attention down the line or not if we have not taken notice.

Just a heads up to any who have not noticed it.



They are coming across as rather clueless, after 2 emails that still have not made much sense. I am sure most of us, if not all of us, who feed multiple sites from one SDR source are more than capable of not looping any MLAT back feed from the likes of ADSBExchange, FlightAware, RadarBox and RadarVirtuel back into our outgoing data stream.

Maybe it is time for me to save a few CPU cycles and a tiny amount of power and just drop them as a site to feed. I don't feel I benefit from feeding them.

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Having been directly involved with FR24, and with immense respect for what it's achieved, this one baffles me.

I understand the need to process reliable data but this "solution" doesn't make sense.  If the receiver and software can generate reliable MLAT, why does sharing it with others impact the quality?  And why don't FR24's competitors introduce similar restrictions?

Reading "between the lines", the concern appears to be MLAT plots from other servers is finding its way to FR24.  And the only solution apprears to turn off FR24 MLAT!  "Baby out with the bathwater" springs to mind!

The suspicious side of me wonders if this is a "clever" ploy to get FR24 sharers to choose it over the competition and turn off their feeds.  If it is, it could backfire.

This sort of ineptitude just makes me feel like switching off my feed to FR24 except I do quite like the web interface and use it to track aircraft from time to time.

Having said that, a better worded email would have helped and saved tons of work for FR24 Support  ???
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