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September 23, 2023, 04:25:22 AM

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Volunteers Needed - UK Members

Started by Anmer, February 13, 2013, 06:14:09 PM

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QuoteYou should be willing to mount the supllied external antenna or use your existing setup.  You also need to be connected to the Internet 24x7.

From what i have read on other forums, there are a lot of people not happy to leave pc.s running 24/7. This may be a problem
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This receiver doesn't require a PC and I thought my original post explained this.

"The receiver has been developed by the makers of the Mode-S Beast.  It's compact (measuring just 100x60x30mm) and connects directly to your router/modem by Ethernet cable.  It doesn't need a PC to run and is supplied with a power supply, external Mode-S antenna, all cables including a GPS antenna for data timing precision."
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The point i was trying to make is there are the big majority of people who before they leave the house turn every thing off.


Our kid went out one day left sky box on standby, it caught fire. Now he turns everything off, router included. Nowt left on ;D
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Pity i don't have unobstructed viiews or i'd volunteer  :-\


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