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Author Topic: Why Some of Us Don't Trust AirNav  (Read 14031 times)

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Why Some of Us Don't Trust AirNav
« on: October 31, 2012, 07:42:53 AM »
I have a RadarBox that I no longer use.  Why?

It's not a particularly good receiver and has already been repaired once.  Many have been repaired more than once.

The software has some good features but I prefer the flexibility of Basestation.

The owner, Andre Brandao, and his worldwide distributor, Waters & Stanton, have both spread false and totally unsubstantiated allegations about me and have threatened me with legal action more times than I care to remember.  All because I've exposed their misleading claims and reported them, successfully, to the Advertising Standards Authority.

But more importantly I just don't trust AirNav.   Here's why. 

Listed below are AirNav's pathetic responses when customers complain about no software update since December 2009.  I kept a 3-year diary when it trotted out similar excuses and blamed ShipTrax development for the delay.

Oh, lest we forget, it's November 2012 tomorrow!

09 July 2012
There are some great developments to come and we have been busy here creating them.

We thank you for your patience so far, not too long to hold on now. We promise the wait is worth it.

23 July 2012
We will be looking at whether an updated version can be released soon as beta or whether it will be worth making sure all the issues noted have been rectified before releasing a major version update.

We are however 100% involved in providing a product which is unmatched in terms of features and reputation. Lets however put a few items into perspective, RadarBox is still unrivalled in many features which work straight out the box. We do still have thousands of customers who are very happy with there RadarBoxes across the world and we do have many special features and projects upcoming.

While the market has changed in the last few years we are still fully behind supporting RadarBox and its customers and of course developing it further. We do value your feedback and comments and we hope you continue to be stay with us and be pleasantly surprised with new projects and updates.

25 July 2012

We would first like to apologize for the delay in replying to this thread. Unfortunately one of our team members has had a serious personal problem 7 days ago and we were waiting for his feedback to properly answer the points raised on this thread. We really hope you understand this situation.......

......In resume we are working hard and all of our users will be be very happy to what we are planning to release before the end of August which will bring a new dimension to the RadarBox world. We understand it is frustrating for you not to get more details about these projects but please be confident on our work and our efforts to continue to grow on the Virtual RadarBox hobby.

29 July 2012

While we have been quiet recently we have sat back and been reading and listening to customers here as well the comments sent directly to us and we have spent the week trying to rethink our priorities and devise a plan.....

......After listening to customers this week, we have decided that the development team due to the delays on the new top down version will go back to Version 4 code and rectify the major bugs and issues that customers are facing. (This will delay the RadarBox related projects we mentioned only) We are putting plans in place to get this setup and contacting customers who have had certain issues to work through them with us (we do have certain details of these provided). We hope to then achieve a beta version soon to all customers (we obviously cannot give a date but we will be working on get this out as soon as possible).

11 August 2012

Again we are working hard on the background developing new projects for the AirNav RadarBox community.
We want to release the first of these projects in the begining of Sept (90% of the work is done at this time).
We are also already working on RadarBox Windows Client software, version 4.04 which should correct all the reported and pending bugs.

03 September 2012
Its nearly ready. There should be more news soon.

07 September 2012
We expect to release the project in the next weekor so, the final touches are being added to it.

17 September 2012

As we stated in the previous post in this thread with an update (we mentioned it would be released around Mid Sep) we are very close to release now. This isn't hot air or lies, there has already been details of this project released through other means that some customers are aware off, there have also been images etc.. leaked of this project so the project is not hot air at all. We are just making sure the project is fully ready.

17 September 2012
RadarBox 4.04 - Development currently underway and this is Priority. There is no expected timeline yet but we understand that is priority and work is being done as fast as possible to rectify the majors bugs and updates that are needed.

RadarBox 5..   - Development is continuing on this but being held but the majority of developers working on 4.04.

Other RadarBox Related Projects:

1st of which will be released this month. Details should be announced soon.

24 September 2012
Development is still going on and you will the results in just a few weeks.
Unfortunately innovative projects don't take 2 or 3 months to complete but sometimes much more than that.
All RadarBox users will be very happy to know what's coming on. :-)

01 October 2012
The latest update at the moment is that 4.04 and Version 5 are in development stages at the moment and the RadarBox project is in final beta testing.

04 October 2012

We are disappointed with ourselves reading the recent comments, we are a company which prides itself on listening to its customers and that’s how version one to four has evolved.

We are determined to continue evolving the RadarBox product and we apologise for the delays in the new version. This is priority for us and we hope to soon have something which will answer the questions on the forum rather than giving estimations.

We are listening we are here and we are working on new items for RadarBox.

04 October 2012
Early versions of 4.04 are already out there, if you search the forum you will see a few people have let this slip. Regarding the RadarBox project this is being final beta tested at the moment and details of this have also been leaked as well on other sites. If there was no such movement there would be none of these details out there.

06 October 2012
We are on the final development work for RadarBox24, a solution that will change the way ADS-B  online and  mobile flight trackers work. We wanted it to be released during September but we decided to add some new innovative features that caused us to postpone the development work for at least 2 weeks. It is something most of our users have been asking for the last 2 years and that will definitely create a standard in high-quality online tracking solutions with all the technology used on RadarBox applied to web browsers, iphones, ipads and Android devices.

03 November 2012
We are happy to announce that a new version of the software with all reported bugs corrected  is already on beta testing stage.
Work continues and we will let you know once we have more news.

03 November 2012
We are still on the first stage of beta testing with a very closed number of users. After that we will release it to more users and once everything is working Ok we will release on the forum as a beta.

19 November 2012
We continue the development work on V4.04 of the RadarBox Windows Client software. We will keep sharing information on this forum when we have more questions / need more feedback from users.

02 December 2012
Member terralta2002
how much longer are we going to have to wait for improvements to the current software after all some of us invested in a anrb and it seems that the radarbox24 is free and runs a lot smoother

AirNav Support
As mentioned in other threads this is in early beta at the moment. So it shouldn't be too long before a public beta is released.

Before anyone thinks we are ignoring RadarBox, that is not the case either, we have plenty to come for that as well.

15 December 2012
We are a little delayed with the latest improvements to the RadarBox Windows client software. We could say 70% of the work is finished now. We had to put the work on stby due to other priorities during the last 3 weeks but the good news is that we are resuming work today. Again tks for your patience.

03 February 2013
At this time we have V4.04 almost finished but we have to totally focus on the server problems we had 1 month ago. Once everything is totally stabilized with the server we will work on RB4.04 again.

26 February 2013
Thanks for your feedback. You are free to have your own opinions.

RadarBox 4.04 is 70% finished but we had to suspend work because of the server problems we had in Dec/Jan. Fortunately everything is stable with the server now and we plan to continue to work again on this now.

Regarding free online trackers vs RadarBox Hardware: free online flight trackers and hardware based ADS-B receivers have different markets. That's why RadarBox24.com has been a huge success with 8000 accounts created in just 2 months and RadarBox hardware continue strong (and increased due to RB24 exposure), especially RadarBox 3D.

Unfortunately it is difficult to satisfy all the customers at the same time - professional companies, airport, airlines, hardware users and online based users. Unlike other companies that are only on one market we have several solutions.

Rest assured that we are doing our best to try to satisfy all customers and as usual release new solutions that would make everyone happy.

10 March 2013

Just a small update on the enw (sic) version: work has restarted 1 week ago. Almost all the bugs reported were corrected and a new exe and installer was passed to 3 beta testers. We have received more reports of other problems and we are correcting them. In the meanwhile we are adding new features to make the software more secure. We will keep you posted.

18 March 2013

Just a small update on our Windows Client software: development continues and we are still focusing on the server-client communications protocol. After this we will focus on the new bugs reported by the beta testers. We will keep you updated when we have more news.

04 April 2013
Beta testing of the new Windows client software version is going on as the first version was released to some beta testers. We are now correcting the reported errors and we will be back with more information.

29 June 2013
Hopefully we will have a version soon to release

05 October 2013

As you may understand and for commercial reasons we cannot disclose what we are developing.

We've been working hard on RadarBox24.com and the RB24 iOS app which are now released and are havign a huge success. The new RadarBox windows application is almots finished adnd we are working on other projects too.

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Offline dongle

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Re: Why Some of Us Don't Trust AirNav
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2012, 10:05:07 AM »
If you don't like your radar box, you can send it to me.

I'll be pleased to give it a workout and will send you my impressions. It is quite likely better than my £20 dongle, or maybe not..... That would be funny, wouldn't it?


Offline Anmer

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Re: Why Some of Us Don't Trust AirNav
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2012, 10:07:52 AM »
It's OK, I'll be able to compare it with my dongle when it arrives.

But to be fair, the RadarBox ships with customer facing software as well as the receiver.
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Sun Worshipper

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Re: Why Some of Us Don't Trust AirNav
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2012, 10:08:22 PM »
If I had a pound for every time I read "the wait will be well worth it", I'd have enough to buy a SBS!

Like you, I don't trust them either.  Sometimes you have to give companies the benefit of the doubt but that option is no longer possible with Air Nav. RB sales must be at an all time low and I'll wager ST (why do I think there is an h and an i missing here) sales aren't setting the world alight.

My dislike for this company is well documented.  If Air Nav was a sick animal someone would have done the decent thing by now and put it out of it's misery.  Sadly, the only suffering in this instance is being inflicted on its customers.

So, anyone thinking of buying anything from Air Nav either now or in the future should read this Forum carefully before parting with your hard earned cash. 
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Offline mw0cvw

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Re: Why Some of Us Don't Trust AirNav
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2012, 07:38:54 PM »
What Can I say  :(

Purchased the Airnav in 2009 and upgraded to 3D service,which was active until mid 2012.

These are my issues and problems encountered.

1.Network outage (their Server) and loss of 3D options was several times a week.

2.No software updates,or bug fixes to known issues.

3.The Forum politics  :'(

4.Looking at the overall costs of the network subscription which was around, £60.00 every 6-months  (3D) option.

I finally went the SBS-3 and Planeplotter option with MLAT  8)  and have never looked back.

Sold the Airnav back to Waters and Stanton for good price ;D

These are my thoughts and comments





MLAT (UG) Ground Station.

Offline birdie

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Re: Why Some of Us Don't Trust AirNav
« Reply #5 on: December 20, 2012, 08:01:19 PM »
It reminds me of a company situated in 19840 Hamilton Avenue, Torrance, CA 90502, USA.

They shipped out VHF Full Duplex Radio Telephone Set with UHF Duplexer inside the box - and the QC stamped - ALL CHECKED and OK.
To give "Unique Coverage of WSSS" in www.Radarbox24.com !