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September 22, 2023, 11:11:38 PM

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Feed Radarbox and Planeplotter from RTL-SDR dongle

Started by tarbat, December 27, 2015, 06:51:29 PM

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So, I'm beta testing ANRB v6, which can accept input from an RTL-SDR dongle.  Is there some way that anyone can suggest that would let me feed from the RTL-SDR dongle to both ANRBv6 and Planeplotter at the same time?

The problem I have is, I only have one 1090 antenna, and that is now feeding into my RTL-SDR dongle.  I like to feed Planeplotter, as that gives me multilateration results, but that requires a feed from the DUMP1090 program.  That then prevents me using ANRBv6 to read data from the RTL-SDR dongle.

Any ideas.  I'd like to feed both Radarbox and Planeplotter, but can't think of a way of doing it.


What input does ANRBv6 need? Format and port?

Knowing that would help since modesmixer might be able to take the dump1090 output and do what you want.


Thanks for the reply Ian.  ANRB v6 needs to connect directly to the USB device, RTL-SDR dongle.  So I'm guessing I need some way of sharing the USB dongle between the two programs, ANRB and DUMP1090.

Any ideas?


Since dump1090 is used, it is probably possible to create alternative output for PP to use.  ;D

What is the command line to get dump1090 talking to ANRBv6? Perhaps a batch file?

Then you can add an another output (or use the same one) for modesmixer.

Something like this with two streams in parallel:

dump1090 -> ANRB v6
                  -> modesmixer  -> PP

PS do you still have a Yeti - I recall seeing your user name crop up in a Yeti forum!!


The problem is ANRBv6 won't connect to DUMP1090, it will only connect DIRECTLY to the RTL-SDR dongle as a USB device.  I think I'm stuck for options unless I can pursuade Airnav to change ANRBv6 to accept a port 30003 type input which I could feed from DUMP1090.

ps. Yes, had the Yeti for 4 years - excellent car

But now sold it and replaced with a Range Rover.