Aircraft Spotting in the digital age

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What’s Radarspotting?
An introduction to the radarspotting hobby.
Mode-S Receivers
A comparison of the four ready-built receivers and software.
The Beast
How to assemble the Beast receiver.
Aurora Eurotech
A personal review of the Aurora Eurotech receiver.
Basestation Data Sharing
How to share data with other Basestation users.
SBS-1 Networking
How to connect to an SBS-1 via Ethernet, locally or from a remote location.
Changing the SBS-1 IP Address
How to easily change the SBS-1 default IP address.
SBS-1 and Basestation
A personal view of setting up an SBS-1 and configuring the Basestation software.
Creating Airport Outlines
How to create and use airport outlines.
Logos & Silhouettes
How to use airline logos and aircraft silhouettes.
External Antenna
A review of the Kinetic KAL external antenna and preamp kit.

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