Aircraft Spotting in the digital age

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Here are some useful links to websites that might be of interest to the radarspotter.  Links for forums can be found on our Forums page and aircraft tracking sites on our Tracking Websites page.

Probably the best website offering specific help on using Kinetic’s Basestation software.  Highly recommended.
Extra files and add-on software for Kinetic’s Basestation.
Essential addon for Kinetic’s Basestation software.  Lookup airline routes and lots more.
Low cost extension for all Mode-S receivers.  Share data and plot the location of non-positional aircraft using multilateration (Mlat).
Another great extension for Basestation.  Convert Mode-S hex codes into an aircraft type and registration using the online form or download Active Display.
Lots of utilities here.  Outlines and Waypoints for most of the world.
Kinetic’s utility for upgrading firmware and software as well as high detail airport outlines.
Display your SBS data on a Google map in a browser window.  Great for viewing your local aircraft when you’re away from home.
Lookup a Mode-S hex code and find out to which aircraft it belongs.
Good resource for reported incidents and crashes.
Fantastic site for aircraft photographs.
Useful database of reported Mode-S contacts and searchable database.
Aviation news and latest aircraft deliveries.
Aviation news.